Pool Maintenance Solution

Gemstone™ Maintenance Solution

The only complete regular maintenance additive formulated to help protect and extend the life of your swimming pool finish and equipment from damage caused by mineral and scale deposits, oxidation and stains.

  • Reduces or prevents cement dust scale generated by curing cement calcium and lime sale silicate crystal formation.
  • Helps remove minerals and metals by filtration:  more efficiently prevents copper and iron stains, dissolves and attacks existing scale.
  • Will not interfere with the operation of salt to chlorine generators.
  • Stabilizes staining side effects of ozone generators.
  • Will stabilize the staining potential of mineral based sanitizers.
  • Will reduce maintenance time, cost and frequency of acid washes.
  • Eliminates expensive in-water stain removal chemical treatments.
  • Increases the service life of the finish and equipment.
  • Safe for use with all swimming pool finishes.